To provide a platform and an environment to each girl child that can encourage fearless intellectual curiosity, an uncompromising sense of fair play and empower girls to be future leaders with global perspective and Indian ethos.


To provide integrated quality education and all-round development of students in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment with excellent faculty that promises to build a foundation for life-long learning.

Dundlod Girls' School

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Aims And Objectives

  • To provide quality teaching to all irrespective of caste, creed and colour, in an atmosphere of purity, efficiency, discipline and Indian culture with a special emphasis on character building.
  • To impart value based education through thoughtfully designed educational programmes, cultural and co-curricular activities, games and sports.
  • To deliver academic excellence through a team of dedicated teachers from all over the country.
  • To achieve physical excellence in games and sports through a team of NIS trained coaches and PETs.
  • To instil officer like discipline and etiquette through a flawless system of ethics, guidance and mentorship.
  • To provide thorough leadership training, thus building responsible citizens of the future.
  • To fully develop human qualities such as respect for elders, compassion, honesty, understanding and integrity, thus ensuring growth of children in an all-round manner.
  • To provide to the country, a future generation with ambitious mentality and imbibed with all the skills necessary to excel in all phases of life.


In school like DGS girls become effective organizers and planners which helps them to grow up into a well-rounded individual. It is about teaching them to be self-initiative, good learners and to navigate various situations that may be presented to them in ways that day scholars simply don’t face.

Dundlod Girls’ School is a school where the girl child is instilled by the basic life abilities like confidence, fellowship, self- reliance, independence and compassion.

DGS aims to offer a home-like environment to every girl child thus making her comfortable. Our caring and empathetic matrons along with other pastoral care staff take utmost care of children.

DGS ensures that their girl child gets the right education. To step out of the world and explore it with a wider perspective. This helps them to build a life of their own along with an established carrier for themselves.

Students with different states meet here that helps them to learn about different cultures and traditions which inbuilts a sense of “Unity in Diversity” in them.

The girls in DGS are prompted that they are born with qualities that put them in the fore-front of things. They are offered with unlimited opportunities which helps them in fulfilling all their aspirations. Here girls are groomed to be a person of integrity and substance, of sound values, impeccable character and to be the future leaders- “Soaring Towards Excellence”.

New Events

17 May , 2023
Summer Camp Timing: 8.00am To 10.00am


School provides a wide variety of sporting events which are integral part of school curriculum under the guidance of specialized coaches.

Smart Classes

Smart classes make the complex classroom teaching simple and fascinating. Smart classes give an environment where the teacher is empowered to teach better and the student inspired to learn more than ever before.


An audio-visual room is always ready to facilitate the teaching learning process. It is equipped with an Over Head Projector (OHP), Slide Projector (SP), TV & DVD.

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